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    It has been a troubling year for us all. The corona virus pandemic has dealt with the global economy. Millions of people have been lead off, some areas have been on lock down. Walking down the suburbs in London, one will find few persons moving around.

    Online records show that the US has been the most affected country in this pandemic with new cases surging everyday. Many companies of laid off their workers and share prices have subsequently reduced. Daily view of interests rates shown by the Wall Street Data proofs that. While millions have become poor, a few have gained tremendous wealth. According to Forbes Billionaire list, a typical example of individuals who have seen a more than 100% increase in their wealth is Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Musk, the CEO of Tesla for example saw a tremendous gain of 100billion dollars this year.

    The US Senate is currently debating on covid19 relief bill and President Donald Trump is on his way in approving a $2000 check to some individuals. While President- Elect Joe Biden has come up with a strong Covid19 Task Force Team. But we all know that this will take for ever. Thus, it is time for people to think outside the box and get money for themselves. So we offer you the most undetected counterfeit money in the world.


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